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User Comments:
1. | Dec 6, 2013
The pleasure was ours !!!!Cannot belviee it has been a week already since we were going out for pizza !!!! The dutch blogfriends are very curious what treasures i brought home :))Have a nice day on the 17 of may !!Hugs, Janneke.PS I won't tell the dutch bloggers where they can find the treasure-barn, hahahah !!!
2. | Dec 4, 2013
Ahoy ye scallywag! Yern be looikn like a hull filled with the teredo to yer beam! Meaning: Hey guys, wow you look really tired and beaten.note: teredo refers to the Teredo worm, a Maritime mulusc that bore into the hull of wodden ships.
3. | Dec 4, 2013
InnaFarrington:My Engl is not so good,but, in general:Norway has noitced Rybak while ago,that's how singer with Belarusian origin became a contestant from Norway.Ehh,it's a pity that Patricia Kaas does not perform from Estonia.*Bzzz*numbers of Eurovision have grown-no Europe is lovesick not only´╗┐ for the hot boy Sakis Rouvas,also for a new-made Norway pride with Belar. origin-Aleksander Rybak.