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1. | Nov 29, 2014
Thank you for writing such a great inaovmftire article for today's modern readers. Two thumbs up for great content and interesting views. I could only aspire to write like this.
2. | Nov 29, 2014
I played at Binion's new bingo room Feb 12th, just a colupe days after it opened. It's a small, temporary-walled off area in the back of the hall near where the poker tournaments are held. The room is very small, max occupancy sign over the door was just over 100 people. They have electronic packages to play on the small Traveler devices Paper options are also available. Cocktail service came though frequently each session and was complimentary for players. Most of the room is non-smoking. There are some smoking tables available near the cashier counters. Many monitors around the room for good visibility no matter where you sit. I enjoyed playing there. I will gladly play there again the next time I am in downtown Vegas. It it my hope that it is successful and popular and Binion's decides to move it to a permanent location in a larger room.
3. | Nov 28, 2014
My wife got a bingo package when she singed up for the Binions rewards card.(or whatever it is called) She was 1st in line and the people running things ignored her and started to help others at the windows that had just had signs saying next window. She had to pay $5 and asked about how they played because she wasn't familiar with their terminology, and the handfull of bingo cards and stuff she was given. They just told her to read the paperwork and that the caller would explain as they went along so it should be no problem. I was with her and asked another player to help explain some of rules and game. After a quick explanation we started to prepare for the 1st game and even before everyone sat down they started calling numbers. I was trying to keep up because they called numbers so fast you didn't have time to see if you had a bingo, let alone mark your numbers! Shortly afterward they announce that I had to buy in or leave and I was not allowed to help my wife. (There were 50 + empty seats) My wife told me that after playing a couple of games that they then announced that people playing 2 or more electronic bingos would be disqualified! (If that's the case then why did you sell them 2 units!) The people were rude and unhelpful and not clear about what they did explain.What a way to reward a person for joining their casino rewards program! I had been a fan of Binion's when it really was owned by the Binion family. Benny and Jack really knew how to run a casino! Jack Binion should get them to stop using the Binion name.
4. | Dec 21, 2013
Oh HELL YES! Only in Sin City!! LOL.. I'm attractive and was woredning if they have the attractive AND generous woman signed up.. straight up.. i want a sugar momma!! i will take care of her, her car, house, and pets too!!!Prostitution..? WHY is it so illegal to sell a service' that is purrrfectly legal to give away furr free..? If i bought her dinner and she serviced my unit', fine. if she wasn't hungy furr the vegetarian plate, illegal for me to tip' 2 ways.. u go Mr. Wade!!
5. | Dec 17, 2013
I need to get my husband's car from ploice impound but they said i need a notarized authorization letter from my husband who is in prison right now. How can i get notarized if he can't signed the letter in front of notary? I need to get the car in few days or it will go to auction and i'm gonna lose it. I need to sell the car to feed my newborn baby since i and husband can't work. Please help!
6. | Apr 24, 2013
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7. | Apr 23, 2013
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