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User Comments:
1. | Aug 6, 2014
G17TFf I really liked your blog. Really Cool.
2. | Jun 13, 2014
Would any of your pubs that have quizzes like to have their quiz deltias displayed on our new quiz directory website and on a new quizfinder app coming out soon.Tell them to contact us through QUIZBRITAIN.Thanks
3. | Apr 17, 2014
Together next to with all which seems that they are building isnide this exact concern be important, a significant percentage regarding details of view are commonly rather radical. Nonetheless, I appologize, excluding My partner and i can undoubtedly not subscribe representing your full evocation, every one whether it is refreshing perhaps no one the less. It looks to live able to everybody that your distinct opinions are normally not of necessity completely restructured along with in statement an distinctive are typically your do-it-yourself not absolutely positive linking your point. Popular approximately one event Worn to perform value conception the item.
4. | Mar 24, 2014
Or not drawing feet at all as the case may be.To be fair, I think Liefeld makes some valid ptions, but he's someone who has pretty much been the poster boy for all that's wrong with the meduim, whereas Moore is a creator who has hepled make the medium be now recognised as an art form.
5. | Mar 23, 2014
Hey Kim, sound for the link. Yeah, he's the swipe-master alright.It used to relaly bug me that he was so successful when his talent was very much in doubt, but i remember picking up an issue of X-Force he did a year or so ago, and i had to just laugh at how he avoided drawing feet in EVERY panel. So i just get amusement out of it.Also, it's easy to have a go at him; he's the poster-boy for such behaviour, but there's plenty of lack-luster artists out there who are incredibly popular. THAT bugs me. People look back at Liefeld's work and go 'tut-tut', but there's plenty of it going on today.Dec
6. | Mar 22, 2014
I can't wait to show you all their wedding poohts! But until then please enjoy their engagement session or their teaser wedding photo I posted here.
7. | Dec 6, 2013
Just taking a look at the uniedlyrng spreadsheet I think it has to do with my number one goal of saving liquid dollars (for the upcoming house purchase this year). So those months where I had low growth I still saved my normal amount but the market took a hit. I am NOT any type of guru so I think your prediction will hold true eventually. I have to have a down month this year. On a side note I am VERY conservative. I was talking to a buddy that does investments the other and he said that my mind set is more into fixed income.
8. | Dec 4, 2013
Thanks for the quick reply! I'm glad the currency can be cehagnd as I really need this in PHP. By the way, can Downpayment (percent or amount) be included?Another thing, I noticed the demo widget on the sidebar of this page does not display an amortization table after pressing Calculate, and only displays the monthly mortgage . Can there be a link that would display the amortization table (either as pop-up or on a page)? This is the feature I saw in the mortgage calculator used in themeforest's openhouse real estate theme, and I wish your plugin can do the same. Sorry if I asked too many questions, I'm really looking for a complete solution I can buy. Thanks again!
9. | Dec 4, 2013
Amanda - I LOVE LOVE LOVE them!! .. They TOTALLY look great.. even with the other wicker chair/high chair you have in there!! Hope they can track down a few more for you, but if not, be tknahful you got your hands on at least two of those beauties only having 2 makes them more special! .. right??? hee he.. *cough cough* .. sigh . :(January 25, 2012 3:55 pm
10. | Jul 26, 2013
That saves me. Thanks for being so seseibln!
11. | Jul 24, 2013
MelanieThis is not quite the same as flex time, but I requested a reotcuidn in hours, which I received along with a corresponding reotcuidn in salary. It's not a perfect arrangement, but it has its benefits. I think the most important factor in requesting flexible hours is that you sell it to your employer as a way it can benefit the business, not just as a way that you will benefit personally. So instead of just saying that you need to be home at certain times of the day, you explain how the flexible arrangement will make you a more productive worker by allowing you to focus on work during alternative hours. It can be a hard sell though. You may get the reaction of, if we do this for you, we will need to do this for everyone. That's not necessarily true, but many employers feel this way. It's worth finding out if anyone has been granted a similar arrangement in the past, and checking your employer's written policies or informal practices to see if there is some basis for granting your request. Finally, I think the amount of time you've spent with your employer, and the hard work you have put in, will all work to your advantage if you try to leverage those factors. If you're brand new on the job, you may have less success with this request than a veteran employee would, who has spent time and energy proving her dedication to the company. Good luck!
12. | Jul 23, 2013
Interesting topic even more interesting is oibervsng the reactions some teens have when it comes to child birth. At this age(teens), having a child should be the last thing on our minds, first before anything should be our education. I see teenage mothers/fathers or mothers/fathers-soon-to-be all the time walking the halls of VHS and I pity them. Either they purposely wanted a child for some bizarre reason or they made some bad choices when it came to contraception. Those are 2 types of teenage pregnancies, now here are the 2 types of teenage parent: either a ghettolicious hot mama and papa whom after high believe to live(mooch) off their parents and/or grandparents until the day they die or decide to contribute to society. Teen Parent number 2 is: the hopeful, ambitious, and smart student who dreams of doing something his/her life and yet one day decided to experiment with sex and ignorantly f%$^ed their lives up. In conclusion, if you are dumb enough to make such a decision such as unsafe sex then you don't need a parental chat you need a reality check, loser. ;]PS; thank you Beth for such a good topic.
13. | Jun 15, 2013
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14. | Jun 12, 2013
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15. | Jun 11, 2013
Neutral, not innocent, not gulty. Human begnis are social. We are all connected each other. In reality, one has to make a boundary between different relations. Peoplde do share thoughts even though they are not related. For example, one supported Obama and the other also did, but his family members did not. In this setting, he and someone else, instead of his partner, may have the same feeling (kind of soulmate, politically) on the matter. We cannot blame on him because of that. This also applies to other things in the family.