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Further insantiy dseesrs as inanity:"The mere presence of Canadian teams in the playoffs reduced the U.S. TV audience share and hence broadcaster and league revenues. Consequently, when, despite the odds, a 2010-11 season-leading Canada-based team looked likely to win the playoffs, NHL headquarters reacted, first by intervening in the officiating to extend each series to as close to seven games-shows as possible and, then, to connive in critically disabling the Vancouver team (Boston helped their cause by signing the son of the NHL executive in charge of officiating to the Bruins roster)."This after the fool spends a paragraph complaining about hockey violence. Guy's a disgrace to Bloomington, IA.
10. | Dec 18, 2013
and also, it's funny that you hated on the blue and green canucks bauscee it was too simple, and yet your wearing one with no bottom stripes or even a logo! Hippocrit!