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1. | Jun 28, 2014
wait,wait,wait 2 try, and in the first someone with HANDS kielld me and in the second the mystery was resolved the cat was the KILLER!!!But in´╗┐ the first one someone with real hands kielld me the truth is:The Cat Seems be the killer but it Isnt!!! Someone else is the killer
2. | Sep 21, 2013
The ones on the main post are ones that I got on one of the forums of fooaltbl365. They were either made by the forum members or stolen from somewhere else and posted by the forum members. Google motivational posters and you should get a fair few.
3. | Sep 20, 2013
da net Visockij ne mog bit mirovoj fiogruy, pinadlejashey vsem ludam kak beatles, Elvis ili Elton John daje..vo pervix janr: bard, vo vtorix genialnost´╗┐ na rossiyskom urovne kak i u Pushkina ( Pushkin kstati vo vsem poxodoil na Bayrona oni daje umerli pochti v odnom vozraste i sxodinix obstoyatetvax)..eto ne mirovoe yavlenie no rossijskoe.