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1. | Jun 29, 2014
P,1. Ed's initial anewsr to Fred emphasizing truth in campaign communications opened the door to my example of where Washington Township Mayor Ken Short isn't living up to this standard. 2. If Fred thought my comments were inappropriate or off topic, I am sure he would not have published them.3. My blog averages about 150 hits a day and is approaching 9K hits in total. I am quite pleased with how well it has been received.4. You keep pointing things out I am sure some is listening somewhere.
2. | Feb 6, 2014
There different kinds of gaolnls!! An Imperial gallon (UK/Canada/Ireland?) is ~277 cu in. A US liquid gallon is 231 cu in. I'm guessing mylesdubstep, being from Canada, used the Imperial conversion (which is, in´╗┐ fact, 125 Imperial gaolnls). I assumed from your accent, you're also from Canada, eh? If so, then either you're used to using US gaolnls, or the aquarium industry in general (or in your part of the world) is standardized on US gaolnls.
3. | Jan 23, 2014
Great hammer of Thor, that is polrufelwy helpful!
4. | Jan 22, 2014
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