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1. | Jun 27, 2014
. I am a good person, very ginivg, however, most of the people that come into, or are in my life are not as ginivg as I am. I have few very closed friends and family that I feel appreciate the person I am, most do not, even close family. Should I be concerned about that, as long as I am being the best person I can be? Sometimes it's difficult, when I'm putting out my best to others who do not offer me their best in return. Thank you.
2. | Jun 15, 2013
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3. | Jun 12, 2013
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4. | Jun 11, 2013
I'm amazed at my non-Italian fdeinrs who feast on lasagna, ravioli and other heavy Italian dishes often, these are foods my family in the States and Italy eat only during a holiday (other than potato gnocchi or polenta (or risotto) which in the north are alternatives to pasta and always eaten in much smaller quantities than in the States). Portions are much smaller in Italy hence not presenting a weight problem. I've found that the daily Italian table is very Spartan, the usual presentation being a light soup (three or four pieces of pasta included), a light salad, a lightly sauced pasta (small quantity), roasted chicken or pan-fried minute steaks served with lemon slices, bread, wine In Sicily fish many times takes the place of poultry, pork, lamb or beef. Let's not forget though that during the holidays multi course meals will go on for three or more hours and a little bit of over eating is appreciated. Some of the best food in Italy is to be found not in the big cities but in very small towns or villages where small eateries must present tastes like home cooking and DO, if not the establishments would close down. In a small town's restaurant one is eating Mamma's food, not a chef's. Also in the small towns one experiences the true local cucina at reasonable prices along with a chance to socialize with wonderful people. Hint: Sometimes in villages there is no sign announcing the presence of a restaurant, in that the establishment is meant for locals there's no need to put up a sign being all know where to find it, many times restaurants are in a room off the local bar. Remember that a bar in Italy isn't as the American ones, they should be called pubs being they cater to families . Now if someone would answer me as to how Sicilian women who are mostly ever-so-thin can eat on a daily bases those huge Sicilian pastries for breakfast without weight problems? Thank you Letizia for the article! P.S. I've found that my younger cousins in the north of Italy will sometimes use packaged convenience foods but yet are still experts in the traditional kitchen and as good at the stove as their mothers and grandmothers.
5. | May 27, 2013
Yuck ! What you describe from Hershey Lodge is NOT a grellid cheese. It's an Apple Brie Sourdough sandwich.A grellid Cheese sandwich is what it is. People should feel free to eat any grellid sandwich they want but don't call it a Grilled Cheese in the historical sense.Would you take some chopped steak then add Cheddar or Brie, asparagus, red peppers and Oregano then call it a Philly Cheesesteak ? No you'd call it a Veggie Steak sandwich or something else. But you can't take a classic sandwich, switch all the ingredients and then sill call it that classic name !
6. | May 27, 2013
2 Girls 1 Cup is a copy of the trailer for Hungry Bitches, a ponprgraohic film produced by MFX-Media. The trailer features two women defecating into a cup, taking turns consuming the excrement, and vomiting into each other’s mouths.нет, это совсем другоеGD Star Ratingloading...
7. | May 26, 2013
I was stucrk by the honesty of your posting